Veterinary Services

Wellness clubs

Join our Wellness club to ensure your pet gets optimal preventative health care throughout his/her life! As your fur-baby grows you can join the appropriate group for each phase of his / her life! These health club packages include all the necessary items at a discounted price.


Florida Veterinary Hospital provides initial and annual vaccination for both your feline friends and canine companions. Please see the recommended vaccination schedule included:

DOGS (canine)  CATS (feline)
6 weeks old: Puppy 5-in1 + Corona virus 6 weeks old:
9 weeks old: Puppy 5-in1 + Leptospira 9 weeks old: Kitty 3-in-1 + Leukaemia vaccination
12 weeks old: 5-in1 + Leptospira + Rabies 12 weeks old: Kitty 3-in-1 + Leukaemia vaccination booster + Rabies
16 weeks old: Rabies booster 16 weeks old: Rabies booster
12 months old: 5-in1 + Leptospira + Rabies booster 12 months old: 3-in-1 + Leukaemia vaccination + Rabies vaccination
Annually: 5-in1 + Leptospira + Rabies booster Annually: 3-in-1 + Leukaemia vaccination + Rabies vaccination

South Africa has a high incidence of infectious diseases such as Canine Parvo Virus (Cat-flu), Distemper and Rabies. A proper vaccination protocol is essential. Too often puppies don’t get a full course of vaccinations and then end up with Parvo, an often-fatal disease.


Regular deworming is essential in puppies as these parasites can affect health and growth.


Microchipping is advised for animals so that should they leave your property they can be identified and returned safely.

Diagnostic Services

At Florida Veterinary Hospital we have an in-house laboratory that enables us to run a wide range of blood tests without having to wait for transport time of samples or to pay extra for courier fees.

Each patient will be evaluated individually, and the best course of action will be discussed with the owners. We will then proceed in the way that will be the best benefit the patient.

We offer:

  • In house blood tests
  • Digital Radiology
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Dental Radiography

Dental Procedures

Our pets’ teeth are often overlooked and can be a major source of worry and pain.

Symptoms of gingivitis or dental disease include excessive drooling, smelly breath, discolouration of the teeth, bleeding gums, and reluctance to eat hard dog or cat food.

Furthermore, bacteria and toxins can enter the bloodstream and cause damage to vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver.

Our sophisticated dental equipment allows us to tackle any problem easily.

Routine scaling and polishing of teeth can be done as a preventative measure.

Florida Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a dental radiograph (x-ray) system which allows us to accurately determine the scope of any dental problems present.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our well-equipped theatres provide sterile conditions for all types of surgery, from routine sterilisations, tumour removals, wound reconstruction, splenectomies, bladder stone removal, biopsies and intestinal foreign body removal.  Other specialised surgeries, such as spinal operations, are referred to nearby veterinary specialist hospital facilities.

Orthopaedic Surgery

We also offer surgeries for fracture repair, extra-capsular cruciate ligament repair and medial patella luxation repair.

Unique services - Fish consultations

Ornamental fish keeping is an extremely rewarding hobby but can be very frustrating when things go wrong. Multiple factors including water quality, infectious agents, parasites, even aggression and stress play significant roles. With over 50 years of experience in fish keeping, Dr. Elshove has the know-how to investigate and interpret fish problems. It is however essential to phone ahead and book and appointment with him to be sure he is on duty.