If you have lost your pet or found one, please let us know as soon as possible. We are always willing to assist in any situation.

Stray Animals: All stray animals are scanned for a microchip, and we contact the owners if the animals are chipped. If not, we will always try and assist. However, our hospital is custom built for our patients to improve their health. It is therefore extremely difficult to take in healthy animals. They are sometimes disruptive. We therefore kindly request, if it is possible at all, to take the stray animal directly to the SPCA. If you do not have the means to drop them off at the SPCA, you can leave the stray with us. We will arrange with the SPCA to collect the stray directly from us.

Rehoming Stray Animals: We are not allowed to rehome animals from our hospital. We are by Municipal Bylaw required to report any stray animal to the SPCA within 16 hours.

Injured and Sick Strays: All injured and sick strays will receive emergency treatment until they are stabilised enough to be moved to the SPCA, or the owner traced. The attending veterinarian lawfully has the right to euthanize severely injured stray animals at his/her discretion.

Rightful Owner: Upon the location of the rightful owner of a non-chipped stray animal, the owner will be financially responsible for the boarding fees, as well as any emergency treatment given.

Secure your own pets: Please make sure that your own pets are secure and taken care of when you are away from home. Anyone who is caring for your pet should know who to contact if they go missing. Please have your pets microchipped. Many pets go missing from home each year.