Please order all repeat medication 48 hours in advance.

Our on-site pharmacy carries a variety of scheduled and non-scheduled medicine.

We comply with all legal requirements at Florida Veterinary Hospital. In accordance with the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC), a prescription is required for all schedule 3+ medications.

If your pet is put on chronic medication by one of our veterinarians and you have a repeat script the following important facts must be considered. At Florida veterinary hospital a script will be given for a maximum of 6 consecutive months before a follow-up health check and consultation is required. This is purely for the safety of the patient on the medicine. The Veterinarian attending to the patient will use their professional discretion and advise blood tests if necessary before the next six-month prescription will be made-out. Only 30 days medicine will be dispensed at a specific time and if you are at the end of the month’s supply please phone us and request the next month’s supply at least 48 hours before your pet’s last dose. The medicine will be ordered, dispensed and prepared for collection.