Dr. Paul Elshove (Owner)

Dr Elshove joined Florida Veterinary Hospital in 1991 as a junior veterinarian after working in London for a few years.  He soon became a full partner working with Dr. Neville Marais and Dr. Eddie Lee until their retirement.  They all shared a passion for small animal medicine and surgery and insisted on being the best and most well-equipped veterinary hospital on the West Rand.  He believes that having the right equipment means doing a better job for his patients (and their parents) whether that be diagnostic treatment or surgery.

Dr Elshove attributes his desire to become a vet to an incident when he was only 10 years old.  The family dog, Toto, was run over and gravely injured and the outlook was not good, but Toto pulled through and in his eyes their vet was a superhero.  The 10-year-old decided there and then that he too wanted to make a difference and help others like Toto.

He is married to Wendy and they have two children, David and Stacey who are currently studying at University

His hobby and passion are fish – anything to do with ornamental fish keeping from planted display tanks to breeding fish and fish medicine and fish health.

Dr. Menante Van Niekerk

My name is Menante van Niekerk, but everyone calls me, Dr. Botha, by my maiden name. I am married to a wonderful man, Hendrik and we have two miniature French poodles called Lizzy and Kate. I qualified at Onderstepoort in 2014 and worked in a small town in the Eastern Cape before joining Florida Veterinary hospital in 2018.

Growing up we used to go to my grandparent’s dairy farm every school holiday. One year close to Christmas late at night grandad and I went out to see if Penelope, his best producer, was ready to deliver her calf but we found that she was in severe discomfort. We phoned the vet and when he arrived helped her deliver the most beautiful little heifer. Both Penelope and the baby were alive and well and I got to name her Stephanie.

My goal with every patient visit is for the pets to be pain free and healthy and for their owners to understand what how to take care of their pets in the best possible way.

My motto in life: Always do your best in everything you do!

Dr. Darryn Randall

Dr. Darryn Randall graduated from the Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary science in 2013, followed by an additional internship year enhancing his skills with the specialists there.

He joined Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre in 2016 fulfilling the role of general practitioner. His passion for surgery was ignited and he became part of their surgical resident program for two years while completing his honours degree in small animal surgery.

Dr. Randall joined Florida Veterinary Hospital in 2018 where he continues to follow out his passion for surgery and the undeniable bond between pets and their owners.

Dr. Randall stays with his partner, Ashleigh and their three beautiful Australian Shepherds. With their adventurous love for nature, their dogs and the outdoors, they often travel the country in search of the ultimate pet friendly accommodation venues. Other hobbies that Dr. Randall enjoys are playing guitar, stand up paddling and gardening.

Dr. Eve Pearse

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to work with nature in some way. As a child my focus was always on animals. When visiting extended family members, I would often remember more about their pets, and not about the relatives themselves. I was obsessed with horses and I often studied my biology while in the chicken cage at home.

What is my goal with every patient visit – Relief from suffering and pain. Preventative care. To look at every animal in all aspects and not just the presenting problem. To educate people about the proper care of their pets and to encourage environmental enrichment, socializing and training.

Trevor is my two-legged other half. I have: tiny dashing dog Dash and Musi my huggable and ever hungry cat. We also have a garden full of unusual plants.

My mantra /philosophy to live by – Look at the small things in life and you will see miracles everywhere. The diversity of nature that God has created for us and left in our care is overwhelming and incredible.



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