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General Veterinary Practitioners at Florida Veterinary Hospital:


Welcome to Florida Veterinary Hospital's website!


Florida Veterinary Hospital has been providing veterinary care of the highest standard to clients in the greater West Rand area for over 40 years and, as such, we are one of the largest and most well established veterinary practices in Gauteng. At Florida Veterinary hospital, our credo is "Service Par Excellance" and it is thus our mission to provide a combination of customer care and veterinary care which is of the highest standard.


The majority of the patients which we treat are dogs and cats, however, our veterinarians also provide quality care for many exotic species including birds, fish, rodents, primates and other small mammals.


Aside from veterinary care, Florida Veterinary Hospital also offers a wide variety of other services, including a full grooming parlor, boarding facility, hospital tanks for fish patients and a shop which is stocked with a wide range of dog and cat diets from some of the best international pet food manufacturers.


We are also always willing to offer advice and suggestions about various aspects of your pet's care including puppy care, diet, training, behaviour and feeding.




Consulting hours / Spreekure:

Monday to Friday

8.00 - 6.30 pm / nm


Maandag tot Vrydag



8.00 - 12.00 am / vm
5.00 - 6.30 pm / nm



Sunday and
Public Holidays

9.00 - 12.00 am / vm

Sondag en



Veterinarians / Veeartse

- Dr. Paul Elshove (principal)

- Dr. Jasper Muller

- Dr. Menante Botha

- Dr. Darryn Randall

 Veterinary Nurses/ Veeartsenykundige Verpleegsters

- Sr. Takura Ruhukwa

- Sr. Velda Eitzen

- Sr. Rodney Makombe



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